Water Damage? We fix that.

Has your vehicle been submerged?

We know how to repair and put your vehicle back in tip top shape. We’re experts at doing what is needed to repair, and replace what might be damaged.

Give us a call at (408) 727-6077 or email us now at service@epsmotors.com and we’ll give you an full estimate on the work ahead of time, so you know what you’re up against.  In cases where water has entered a vehicle’s engine, we can help you diagnose what parts will need to replaced and which can be restored to proper working order. The experience our team has far exceeds your average auto repair shop. We have decades of experience rebuilding cars from factory wiring harnesses to engines, to interiors and body work and paint.

The fact that we specialize in these types of vehicle restorations not only makes us the leaders in our industry, it saves you valuable time and money. This translates to higher customer satisfaction, and reduced wait time in receiving your vehicle back in tip top shape. Trust the EPS Motors team to get it back on the road.